The Northern Soul Of Swan MP3/Flac

The Northern Soul Of Swan
Track List

01-Sheila Ferguson _ And In Return.mp3
02-Eddie Carlton _ It Will Be Done.mp3
03-The Jaywalkers [featuring Mickey Holiday] _ Can't Live Without You.mp3
04-Azie Mortimer _ Put Yourself In My Place.mp3
05-The Modern Redcaps _ Empty World.mp3
06-The Showmen _ Take It Baby.mp3
07-The Guys From Uncle _ The Spy.mp3
08-Mark Valentino _ Walking Alone.mp3
09-Audrey Slo _ Gonna Find the Right Boy.mp3
10-Sammy Sevens _ Everybody Crossfire.mp3
11-The Three Degrees _ Driving Me Mad.mp3
12-Tony Galla _ In Love.mp3
13-Leroy Harris _ I'm Gonna Get You.mp3
14-The Showmen _ You're Everything.mp3
15-Richard Anthony _ No Good.mp3
16-The Modern Redcaps _ Never Too Young.mp3
17-Richie Barrett _ I Will Love You.mp3
18-Eddie Carlton _ Misery.mp3
19-Betty Renne and the Thrillettes _ Your Kinda Love.mp3
20-Micky Lee Lane _ Hey Sah-Lo-Ney.mp3
21-Sheila Ferguson _ Are You Satisfied.mp3
22-John Leach _ Put That Woman Down.mp3
23-The Showmen _ In Paradise.mp3
24-Sammy Sevens _ [You Better] Watch Your Step.mp3
25-Sheila Ferguson _ [Don't] Leave Me Lover.mp3
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