Northern Soul Fever (Vol3) MP3/Flac

Northern Soul Fever (Vol3)
Track List


01-The Olympics _ I'll Do A Little Bit More.mp3
02-Pat & The Blenders _ (All I Need Is Your) Good Lovin.mp3
03-Preston Peters _ Got To Have Peace Of Mind.mp3
04-The Camotions _ Motown.mp3
05-Edd Henry The Nickels & Three Pennies _ I Love You Only.mp3
06-The Scott Brothers _ We Like Girls.mp3
07-The Servicemen _ Connie.mp3
08-Ollie Jackson _ Gotta Wipe Away The Tears.mp3
09-J.J. Barnes _ Poor Unfortunate Me.mp3
10-The Manhattans _ What Should I Do.mp3
11-The Imperial Wonders _ Just A Dream.mp3
12-Vernon Harrell _ Your Love.mp3
13-Bobby Callende _ My Baby Changes Like The Weather.mp3
14-The Tripps _ Here Comes Those Heartaches.mp3
15-Delores Lynn _ The Big Search Is On.mp3
16-Singin' Sam Featuring Kitty Grove _ Move It Baby.mp3
17-Dynamic Heartbeats _ It Ain't No Secret.mp3
18-The Traits _ Some Day Some Way.mp3
19-T K Os _ The Charge.mp3
20-Little David _ I Want The Good Life.mp3
21-Joyce Kennedy _ Misunderstood.mp3
22-Remarkable _ Easily Misled.mp3
23-The Furys _ The Old Days.mp3
24-Cody Black _ Going, Going, Gone.mp3
25-I'm Gonna Get Even With You _ I'm Gonna Get Even With You.mp3
26-Taurus & Leo _ I Ain't Playing Baby.mp3


01-New Wanderers _ Let me render my service.mp3
02-Olympics _ We go together (pretty baby).mp3
03-Rocky Roberts & the Airedales _ Just because of you.mp3
04-Fabulous Emotions _ Number one fool.mp3
05-Ty Karim _ You really made it good.mp3
06-Prophets _ My kind of girl.mp3
07-Leontine Dupree _ I'm guilty.mp3
08-Enchantments _ I'm in love with your Daughter.mp3
09-Ascots _ Miss Heartbreaker.mp3
10-Little Walter Hammond _ We go together, yes we do.mp3
11-Bobby Spencer _ I just want to satisfy.mp3
12-Jo Jo Petite _ Joey.mp3
13-Tempos _ Sad, sad memories (instr.).mp3
14-Moonlighters _ Lonely baby.mp3
15-Wayne Anthony _ Blow me a kiss.mp3
16-George Tinley & the Modern Red Caps _ Ain't gonna worry about you.mp3
17-Wonderlettes _ How soon.mp3
18-Willie Walker _ Jerk it with soul.mp3
19-Jay Lyle _ How good can it get.mp3
20-Rufus Wonder & the Additions _ Under the moon.mp3
21-L. J. Reynolds & the Chocolate Syrup _ The penguin break down.mp3
22-Janie Welsh _ Open arms - closed heart.mp3
23-Troy Keyes _ If I had my way.mp3
24-A. C. Jones & the Atomic Aces _ Give me your love.mp3
25-The Founders _ Don't turn your back on me.mp3
26-Fred Paris & the Restless Hearts _ Blushing bridge.mp3
27-Disciples of Soul _ That's the way love goes.mp3
28-The Inspirations _ No one else can take your place (instr.).mp3
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