Big City Soul (Volume2) MP3/Flac

Big City Soul (Volume2)
Track List

01-Garnet Mimms _ Stop And Think It Over.mp3
02-Ambers _ I Love You Baby.mp3
03-Four Hi's _ Pretty Little Face.mp3
04-Youngblood Smith _ You Can Split.mp3
05-Superiors _ What Would I Do.mp3
06-High Keys _ Living A Lie.mp3
07-Shalimars _ Stop And Take A Look At Yourself.mp3
08-Little Eva _ Take A Step In My Direction.mp3
09-Dejah Ahres _ Real Jive Guy.mp3
10-Triumphs _ Walkin'The Duck.mp3
11-Bessie Banks _ I Can't Make It Without you.mp3
12-Jerry Gainey _ Just A Fool.mp3
13-Howard Guyton _ I Watched You Slowly Slip Away.mp3
14-Robert Banks _ A Mighty Good Way.mp3
15-Clara Ward _ The Right Direction.mp3
16-Wilson Pickett _ My Heart Belongs To You.mp3
17-Billy Woods _ I Dont Want To Lose Your Love.mp3
18-Louise Murray _ The Love I Give.mp3
19-Terri Bryant _ You Had Better Straighten Up.mp3
20-Prince Harold _ Born To Please.mp3
21-Howard Tate _ Baby I Love You.mp3
22-Don Gardner _ I'm A Practical Guy.mp3
23-Poindexter Brothers _ Backfield In Motion.mp3
24-Nick Ashford _ I Do.mp3
25-Pal Rakes & the Prophets _ Can't Deny The Hurt.mp3
26-Diane Brookes _ Picture Me Gone.mp3
27-High Keys _ Let's Take A Chance.mp3
28-Wilson Pickett _ Let Me Be Your Boy.mp3
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