Northen Soul Fever 2 MP3/Flac

Northen Soul Fever 2
Track List


02-The_Puzzles-My sweet baby.mp3
03-Mae YoungMy Sweet Baby.mp3
04-Pamela Beaty- Talking Eyes.mp3
05-The Exits-I DOnt Want to Heard It.mp3
06-Cortez Greer- Very Strong On You.mp3
07-Sunny Carrington-The Girl Every GuyShould Know.mp3
08-Jackey Beavers Bring Me All Of Your Heartaches.mp3
09-Little Carl Carlton-Dont You need A boy LIke Me.mp3
10-Tojo- Broken Hearted Lover.mp3
11-Eddie Hill- I Can Hear YOuy Crying.mp3
12-Toni and The Showmen-Try My Love.mp3
13-Linda Carr - In My Life.mp3
14-Billy Wells and the Invadres-This Heat These Hands.mp3
15-Duke and Leonard-- Just Do The rest You Can.mp3
16-Larry Atkins- Aint That Love Enough.mp3
17-The Trks -The Bad Brought The Good.mp3
18-Sherlock Hommes-Standing At The Standstill.mp3
19-Pat Clayton-Someone Else s tTurn.mp3
20-The Friendly People- I Aint Got Nothing But The Blus.mp3
21-The Bronzettes -Moments.mp3
22-Jimmy Holland -Sugar Baby.mp3
23-Johnny Barnes - Real Nice.mp3
24-Bobby Jones -Beware a Stranger.mp3
25-The HeatBreakers-I ve Got To Face It.mp3
26-Chris Towns Unit - Turn To Me.mp3
27-Jimmy Holiday-Shield all Around.mp3
28-La Shell and The Shelletts-You BEtter Check Yourself.mp3
29-Vince Apollo -I Bear Witness.mp3
30-John and The Weirdest - No Time.mp3


01-Rex Garvin (and the Mighty Cravers)_ You don't need no help pt.1.mp3
02-The Hideaways_ Hide out.mp3
03-Henry Strogin_ Misery.mp3
04-The Jades_ I'm where it's at.mp3
05-Renfo Orchestra_ A case of love.mp3
06-The Audio Arts_ Love bound.mp3
07-Fred Smith Orchestra_ Anyway you want it (instr.).mp3
08-Melvin Elling_ Lonely eyes.mp3
09-The Performers_ I can't stop you.mp3
10-The Promatics_ Sugar pie honey.mp3
11-The Olympics_ The bounce.mp3
12-Bobby Mandolph_ Gotta get you back.mp3
13-Vito & the Salutations_ I'd best be going.mp3
14-Marion Sodd_ Permanent vacation.mp3
15-Johnny Vanelli_ Seven days of loving you.mp3
16-Spyders_ I can't take care of myself.mp3
17-Tyco Mills_ All that's good.mp3
18-Passions_ Too many memories.mp3
19-Susan King_ (Oh! oh! oh!) What a love this is.mp3
20-James Bounty_ Actions speak louder than words.mp3
21-Kelly St. Clair_ You took my heart.mp3
22-The Soul-Jers_ Crazy little things.mp3
23-The Slendours_ Please don't go.mp3
24-The Kittens Three_ I'm coming apart at the seams.mp3
25-Bonnyvettes_ Ordinary girl.mp3
26-The Babysitters_ You'll have to wait.mp3
27-Nicky C and the Chateaux_ Those Good Times.mp3
28-Silky Hargreaves_ Keep loving me like you do (instr.).mp3
29-The Ramblers_ Soulful jerk.mp3
30-Big Dons Rebellion_ It was true.mp3
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