Big City Soul (Volume 1) MP3/Flac

Big City Soul (Volume 1)
Track List

01-garnet mimms _ looking for you.mp3
02-sam e solo _ love is not a game.mp3
03-shawn robinson _ my dear heart.mp3
04-rose st. john & the wonderettes _ mend my broken heart.mp3
05-the o'jays _ hold on.mp3
06-jimmy holiday & clyde king _ ready, willing and able.mp3
07-homer banks _ a lot of love.mp3
08-homer banks _ hooked by love.mp3
09-danny wagner & the kindred soul _ i lost a true love.mp3
10-the jive five _ then came heart break.mp3
11-gene mcdaniels _ strange neighbourhood.mp3
12-estelle brown _ stick close.mp3
13-betty turner _ be careful girl.mp3
14-the o'jays _ i'll never forget you.mp3
15-june jackson _ it's what's underneath that counts.mp3
16-the o'jays _ working on your case.mp3
17-alder ray _ my heart is in danger.mp3
18-the diplomats _ honest to goodness.mp3
19-the crystals _ are you trying to get rid of me baby.mp3
20-the steve karmen big band _ breakaway part 1.mp3
21-dee irwin _ i only get this feeling.mp3
22-jay & the americans _ living above your head.mp3
23-marva josie _ don't.mp3
24-ray pollard _ it's a sad thing.mp3
25-gene mcdaniels _ walk with a winner.mp3
26-ray pollard _ the drifter.mp3
27-timi yuro _ it'll never be over for me.mp3
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