Mas Mix Que Nunca Vol. 3 MP3/Flac

Mas Mix Que Nunca Vol. 3
Mas Mix Que Nunca Vol. 3
Label: Mas Mix Music
Country: Argentine
Year: 1987
Dj Mix: ?

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01 Mas Mix Que Nunca Vol. 3 - Megamix
02 Madou - La Bamba (Fiesta mix)
03 The Sense - Bohnen
04 Freddy Dutchman & Sistina Band - Peace And Happiness

Megamix tracklist:
Freddy The Flying Dutchman And The New Sistina Band - Peace & Happiness
Midnight's Moskow - Tovarisc Gorbaciov
Torrevado - Living In The Shuttle
Silver Pozzoli - Chica Boom
MC Miker G. & DJ Sven - Celebration Rap
Scotty - Miami Vice Rap
Louis - Rocks Mumbling Cha Cha Cha
The Sense - Bohnen
Madou - La Bamba