Mythos - Mythos (1972) RARE MP3/Flac

Mythos - Mythos (1972) RARE

Released 1972
Recorded October - November 1971
Genre Rock, Krautrock
Length 38:52
Label LP Ohr OMM, Neutron Star, CD Spalax

The first Mythos LP was released in 1972, on the legendary 'Deutschrock' label Ohr. On 'Mythos' the band realized a mixture of art rock and psychedelic with oriental influences in lengthy pieces. Stephan Kaske played the melody from H?¤ndel's 'Fireworks Music' on the flute in a rockmeets-classic version. 'Oriental Journey-Hero's Death' creates a psychedelic mood with sitar and mellotron sounds. 'Encyclopedia Terrae', which takes up the entire second side, is the highlight of the album and features powerful drums meeting up with peaceful sequences, sounds of warfare such as detonating bombs and marching soldiers meeting up with hard guitar riffs. The band already succeeded in creating a classic of the 'Deutschrock' genre with their debut album.

Track listing
"Mythoett" ??“ 3:08
"Oriental Journey" ??“ 8:16
"Hero's Death" ??“ 9:47
"Encyclopedia Terra Part 1" ??“ 10:17
"Encyclopedia Terra Part 2" ??“ 7:24......................

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