Gary Brooker - 1979 - No More Fear Of Flying MP3/Flac

This album is specially dedicated to my friend Fernando "El Negro", in the day of his personal name ...... (Urqua... also for you.. Congratulations !!).
"In 1979, two years after Procol Harum disbanded (until their reunion in 1991), singer/songwriter/pianist Gary Brooker released his first solo album, "No More Fear Of Flying." In short, if you love Procol Harum, then you'll love Gary solo, too. "No More Fear Of Flying" is an excellent album of top-notch, Harum-flavored piano pop/rock, spearheaded by Brooker's powerful voice and masterful playing on the keys. Great songs include the title track, the lovely "Say It Ain't So Joe" (written by Murray Head) and "Angelina," the catchy "Give Me Something To Remember You By" and "Get Up And Dance." There's also two bonus tracks to enjoy: the rare Brooker B-side "S.S. Blues" and the previously-unreleased fun of "Fat Cats." Gary Brooker's "No More Fear Of Flying" is a great disc." (Alan Caylow (USA) at amazon).


Gary Brooker – Keyboards, vocal / Tim Renwick – Guitar / Bruce Lynch – Bass / Dave Mattacks – Drums / Gonzales – Horns / Chris Smith – Harmonica / B.J.Cole – Pedal Steel Guitar / Stephanie De Sykes, Claire Torrey, Richard Myhill, Dave Reilly – Backing Vocals / Producer: George Martin


Savannah (Moore-Kosta) / Pilot (Jupp) / (No More) Fear of Flying (Brooker-Reid) / Get Up and Dance (Brooker-Sinfield) / Give Me Something to Remember You By (Brooker-Renwick-Sinfield) / Say It Ain't So Joe (Head) / Old Manhattan Melodies (Brooker-Sinfield) / Angelina (Brooker-Sinfield) / Let Me In (Brooker-Sinfield) / Switchboard Susan (Jupp)

Bonus Tracks:

Fat Cats (Brooker-Reid) / S.S. (Self-Sufficient) Blues (Brooker)

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Gary Brooker - No More Fear Of Flying
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