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Frankie Valli - Inside You (1975)

Inexplicably, and almost out of nowhere, Frankie Valli reappeared in 1975 on Motown (Mowest MWS-7007); no doubt a result of the friendship he struck up with the Motown family as they emerged from Detroit to their new palatial digs in Los Angeles. Gone are the teeny bopper, sugar coated songs that made Francis Stephen Castelluccio a teenage sensation with his Four Seasons; and in its place Inside You finds him a focused lead vocalist determined to escape the trappings of effeminate falsetto wailing. The five minute lead off track Just Look What You Done builds on the four on the floor classic Motown sound, but layers Philly string arrangements and the fierce song writing and production of Frank Wilson. There are some predictably soggy, forgettable moments on the record, including a tepid version of the classic Baby I Need Your Loving. Even "The Mack" maestro Willie Hutch throws a tune to Valli with Thank You that doesn't come across as a painful listening experience. All in all, it's an album from a man who was ready and raring to relaunch his career.

01 Just Look What You've Done
02 Love Isn't Here (Like It Used To Be)
03 Baby I Need Your Loving
04 Inside You
05 Charisma
06 And I Will Love You
07 Walk On, Don't Look Back
08 Thank You
09 Hickory
10 Life And Breath
11 The Night
12 With Eye's Wide Open

Frankie Valli - Inside You (1975)