Trojan Box Set: Dancehall Roots ( Reggae ) MP3/Flac

[center]Disc: 1
1. We Must Unite
2. Lead Us Jah Jah
3. One Heart
4. Unite Brotherman
5. Tribulation
6. We Are Going (Back Home)
7. Mr. Babylon
8. Peace and Love (In the Ghetto)
9. Fight Against Corruption
10. Face the Devil
11. Can't Leave Jah
12. Morgan the Pirate
13. Working for My Saviour
14. Jah Love (Know Yourself Mankind)
15. Slave Driver
16. Jah Is the Master

Disc: 2
1. Living as a Brother
2. Time So Hard
3. Leaders of Black Country
4. Got to Tell the People
5. They Can't Stop Us Now
6. Little Village
7. Money Is Not All
8. Sweet Africa
9. One of a Kind
10. Live Right
11. Jah Guide I
12. Follow Them Footstep (Those Men Were Great Men)
13. Jah Loves Us All
14. Mr Big More
15. Jah Is the Way
16. What You Gonna Do on the Judgement Day

Disc: 3
1. The Judgement Come
2. Natty Dread Have Him Credential
3. Got to Praise Jah Jah
4. Mr C.I.D.
5. Crisis
6. Living My Culture
7. Bad Boy
8. Too Much Pressure
9. I'm Toiling On
10. Motherless Children
11. I Want to Know (Only Jah Jah)
12. Every Time I Hear the Word
13. Praises Unto Jah
14. Walk with Jah
15. What Kind of Herb
16. Bring the Sensi Come
17. Sensie Man

Trojan Box Set: Dancehall Roots

Features some of the biggest names form the early Dancehall era of the late 70s & 80s on this 3 CD set.
This 50-track compilation spoltights the spiritual side of Jamaican dancehall music. Artists on the CD include Dennis and Barry Brown, Sugar Minott, Prince Far I, johnny Osbourne... [/center]