Christopher Williams - Adventures in Paradise ( Soul / RNB ) MP3/Flac

[center]1. Talk to Myself
2. Sexy Sex
3. Promises, Promises
4. Turn Your Hurt Around (Lift You Up)
5. Paradise
6. One Girl
7. Never Let Our Love Die
8. If That's What You Want
9. I'm Your Present
10. Always and Forever
11. Lover Come Back
12. Sweet Memories

Christopher Williams - Adventures in Paradise

Why Christopher Williams is not more well known than he is is a complete mystery. Not only does he have a great voice and undeniably romantic sentiment, he also has a plethora of killer connections (he's a nephew of legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, a cousin of Al B. Sure!, and he dated Halle Berry). This debut album proudly proclaims that "this is the year of Christopher Williams" and it was hardly overstating itself. All songs are good or great, particularly "Promises, Promises." [/center]