Main Source - Breaking Atoms ( Rap ) MP3/Flac

1. Snake Eyes
2. Just Hangin' Out
3. Looking At The Front Door
4. Large Professor
5. Just A Friendly Game of Baseball
6. Scratch & Kut
7. Peace Is Not The Word To Play
8. Vamos A Rapiar
9. He Got So Much Soul (He Don't Need No Music)
10. Live At The Barbeque
11. Watch Roger Do His Thing
12. Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball (Bonus Version)
+ many bonus

[center]Main Source - Breaking Atoms

[/center][center]2008 reissue of the debut album from Main Source. It is widely thought of as a very influential album and it is notable for the debut of Hip Hop superstar Nas. It is also highly regarded thanks to the virtuoso production of frontman Large Professor, whose heavy, and original, use of sampling influenced Hip Hop producers for a good portion of the '90s. Nas makes his debut appearance on "Live at the Barbeque", which is also played in the background of "Genesis", the intro to his critically acclaimed album, Illmatic. Breaking Atoms is one of the most important records in the History of Hip Hop and also hard-to-find; it has been out of print in the United States since the demise of Wild Pitch Records in 1997.