The Boys: Selftitled (1977) + To Hell With The Boys (1979) MP3/Flac

altaltThe Boys' is chock full of fast, tuneful and powerful songs and still stands as probably their best record. From the Brats re-treads of “Sick On You” and “Tumble With Me” to the set closer “Living In The City“ it‘s a breeze of fresh air and this wonderful record debuted at number 50 in the album start and then promptly disappeared. Blame for this has been apportioned to the recent death of Elvis Presley meaning that the pressing plants couldn’t cope with producing enough records, but in truth it was probably more down to the hapless NEMS label’s shortcomings.
In To Hell With The Boys we can find songs like "Rue Morgue", an absolute delight with great chord and rhythm changes. "You can't hurt a Memory" a power ballad that is intense and heartfelt and very John Lennonish. "Lonely Cowboy" just downright fun and it rocks. Matt Dangerfield really shines here as a guitar player too. More Pop Rock than Punk, this is a great album.

The Boys tracks:

Sick on You / I Call Your Name / Tumble With Me / Tonight / I Don't Care / Soda Pressing / No Money / First Time / Box Number / Kiss Like a Nun / Cop Cars / Keep Running / Tenement Kids / Living in the City / Watcha Gonna Do - (bonus track) / Turning Grey - (bonus track) / First Time, The (Long Version) - (bonus track) / Lonely Schooldays - (bonus track) / I Don't Care - (bonus track) / Take a Heart - (demo, bonus track) / Run Rudolph Run - (The Yobs, bonus track) / Warm Song, The - (The Yobs, bonus track)

To Hell With The Boys tracks:

Sabre Dance / Rue Morgue / Terminal Love / See Ya Later / You Can't Hurt a Memory / Kamikaze / Lonely Cowbow / Waiting For the Lady / Bad Day / Independent Girl / I Love Me - (bonus track) / You Better Move Now - (bonus track) / Schoolgirls - (bonus track) / Rub a Dum Dum (The Yobs, bonus track) / Another Christmas (The Yobs, bonus track)

The Boys - To Hell With The Boys

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