V. A. - 1993 - D.I.Y. Come Out And Play-American Power Pop (1975-78) MP3/Flac

Come Out and Play - American Power Pop I (1975-78) does a nice job highlighting the various strains of the genre as it resurged during the late 70's in the US, from the jittery sounds of The Nerves, through the AOR of Earth Quake, punky Diodes, sugary sweet Pezband, and nerd-popper Chris Stamey. The disc provides plenty of impetus to crate dig in search of the generally semi-obscure and truly forgotten bands that make up the majority of the track list, that my only complaints come in the inclusion of the too-obvious Flamin' Groovies track "Shake Some Action" and A-listers Cheap Trick, a band anyone who picks up this set will already be familiar with (even if their killer "Southern Girls" totally fits the vibe), while Chris Bell's "I Am The Cosmos" is sorta a downer to close on. Otherwise, a solid comp ready for windows-down, summertime crusin'.
~ bpnicast at Rate Your Music


Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action / Pezband - Baby It's Cold Outside / The Nerves - Hanging On The Telephone / Artful Dodger - Wayside / Earthquake - Hit The Floor / Piper - Can't Wait / The Nerves - When You Find Out / Chris Stamey - The Summer Sun / Tommy Hoehn - Blow Yourself Up / The Scruffs - My Mind / The Names - Why Can't It Be / Cheap Trick - Southern Girls / The Real Kids - All Kindsa Girls / The Paley Brothers - Come Out And Play / Fotomaker - Where Have You Been All My Life / Pezband - Stop! Wait A Minute / The Flash Cubes - Christi Girl / The Diodes - Tired Of Waking Up Tired / Chris Bell - I Am The Cosmos

V. A. - D.I.Y. : Come Out And Play-American Power Pop (1975-78)
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