Danny & Dusty - 1986 - The Lost Weekend [Re-up cd rip] MP3/Flac

It was just about 20 years ago that Dan Stuart and Steve Wynn took a break from their respective ..day job.. bands (Green On Red and The Dream Syndicate) and as Danny & Dusty made the hazy, beer-soaked ..The Lost Weekend". The album truly was recorded in one weekend with members of the Long Ryders (Stephen McCarthy, Sid Griffin, Tom Stevens) as well as Chris Cacavas from Green On Red and Dennis Duck from The Dream Syndicate. "The Lost Weekend.. ended up being a big influence on many pioneers of the Alt-Country movement and has only grown in stature in the years since. Go figure. Still, there hadn't been any seismic indication that the two California natives had any desire to repeat the experience until they found themselves both living in NYC. Upon hearing that Wynn had severely broken his ankle and was laid up at home, Stuart took it as a sign and wondered whether another record might be possible. Venturing uptown with guitar in hand, Danny found Dusty laying on the couch, watching baseball and chewing Vicodins. ()


Dan Stuart (vocals)
Steve Wynn (vocals, guitar)
Sid Griffin (guitar, dobro, vocals)
Stephen McCarthy (guitar, lap steel, vocals)
Tom Stevens (bass)
Chris Cacavas (piano)
Dennis Duck (drums, vocals)


The Word Is Out / Song For The Dreamers / Miracle Mile / Baby, We All Gotta Go Down / The King Of The Losers / Send Me A Postcard / Down To The Bone / Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Cd bonus track: Bend In The Road (Also on "Don't Shoot", " Acres" & "Americanism")

Bitrate: 320
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