V.A. - 1993 - DIY: Mass. Ave. - The Boston Scene (1975-83) MP3/Flac

"Although I first heard Robin Lane's "When Things Go Wrong" in Indiana of all places, I really became a fan of a number Boston punk/new wave bands when I was living in California. Our local college station had the good taste to play The Lyres, Del Fuegos, and Mission of Burma in heavy rotation. This CD picks some really choice selections from these bands. The Thrills and Atlantics both contributed unexpected gems to this CD too.
In addition, the incredible, hypnotic, organ driven tune "6" by The Neats is probably one of my all time favorite psychodelic tracks from the 80's. Without the aid the of any illegal substances, this song can project you into other worldly state of mind.
While a couple of Boston reviewers were obviously taken with this collection, I want to assure the perspective buyer that this music transcends mere regional interest. Since there are quite a few indispensable songs on this album, you can't afford to miss owning a copy." (Review by "gsherida8502" (Spokane, WA United States) at amazon)


Mass. Ave. - Willie "Loco" Alexander / Do the Boob - The Real Kids / Loretta - Nervous Eaters / They Saved Hitlers Brain - Unnatural Axe / Better off Dead - La Peste / You're All I've Got Tonight [#][Demo Version] - The Cars / No Place Like Home - The Neighborhoods / Jackie Onassis - Human Sexual Response / I'm Talking to You
  • - Maps, Maps, Maps / That's When I Reach for My Revolver - Mission of Burma / 1 + 1 = 2
  • - Classic Ruins / Help You Ann - Lyres / 6
  • - Neats / Hey! (Not Another Face in the Crowd) - The Thrills / When Things Go Wrong
  • - Robin Lane & The Chartbusters / Lonely Hearts - The Atlantics / Alpha Romeo
  • - Dangerous Birds / I Always Call Her Back - The Del Fuegos / Knock Me Down - Outlets

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