Paul Collins Beat - 1986 - Live At The Universal MP3/Flac

Friday, July 11, 1986. Paul Collins with 'The Beat' played at the Sala Universal, Madrid, Spain. The result of the concert was an album, published in Spain by Twins Records (Paul always has been in love with this country).


Produced by Paul Collins and Steven Huff.
Engineered by Gianni Plutino and Salvador Del Vas.
Recorded at the Sala Universal, Madrid, Spain.
Paul Collins: Guitar, Vocals.
Steven Huff: Bass, Vocals.
Emilio Huertas: Guitar.
Manolo De Palma: Drums


Rock and Roll Girl / Always Got You On My Mind / Working Too Hard / Don’t Wait Up For Me / Long Time Gone / I'm Not Crazy / On The Highway / Working On A Good Thing / Look But Don’t Touch / All Over The World / U.S.A. / Good Times / You and I
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