Paul Collins' Beat - 1981 - The Kids Are The Same MP3/Flac

A much tougher sound than the self titled album, The Kids Are The Same is good follow up. With should have been hits such as That's What Life's All about or I will Say No, this album is one of the great lost classics of the 80s.
However, CBS did release On The Highway and it didn't chart. Had they decided to make That's What Life's All About a single, perhaps things would have been better for Paul Collins and company. Nevertheless, CBS then sat on the rest of the album, and then bounced The Beat off the roster. [By R. Smith "rscrabb" (Viola, Iowa USA) at amazon]


Paul Collins - Vocals, Guitar, Rhythm Guitar / Larry Whitman - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion / Michael Ruiz - Percussion, Drums / Prairie Prince - Drums / Steve Huff - Bass, Vocals


That's What Life Is All About / Dreaming / On the Highway / Will You Listen / Crying Won't Help / The Kids Are the Same / Trapped / It's Just a Matter of Time / Met Her Yesterday / I Will Say No / Down [Cd bonus track]

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