DMZ - 1978 - Selftitled MP3/Flac

DMZ was the pre-Lyres band, with Jeff Conolly and Peter Greenberg.
This album got a bad rep when it was released and still continues to this day to be a bit frowned upon. Sure, the songs are good but the production ruins it people claim. To be honest, this is much better than its reputed to be. Sure, theres nothing here on the level of what Monoman would do later on with The Lyres, but the songs themselves absolutely rip and the production by Flo and Eddie adds a loud and stomping thud that I feel entirely complements the music. The pair of Northwest covers "Cinderella" (originally by The Sonics) and "Out of Our Tree" (The Wailers) are almost just as good as the originals, and despite the album petering out a bit towards the end, its still a pretty fantastic release. This was one of the cornerstones of the Boston underground scene at the time, and really paved the way for much of the 80s garage rock revival.


Mono Mann (aka Jeff Conolly) - vocals, Vox Continental organ / Peter Greenberg - guitars / J.J.Rassler - guitars / Rick Corraccio - bass / Paul Murphy - drums


Mighty Idy / Bad Attitude / Watch for Me Girl / Cinderella (orig. recorded by The Sonics) / Don't Jump Me Mother / Destroyer / Baby Boom / Out of Our Tree (orig. recorded by The Wailers) / Border Line / Do Not Enter / From Home (orig. recorded by The Troggs)

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