Pistones - 1982 - Las 7 Menos Cuarto (12'' EP) MP3/Flac

Turning in to the discography of my dear country, today I bring to you and authentic jewel of the New Wave from Spain.
When I was 22, "Los Pistones" published an anthem for the Madrid New Wavers: "Las 7 menos cuarto" (in english "A quarter to 7 pm") is a complete song. The story passes in "La Puerta del Sol", the center of Madrid and the center of Spain. A boy is waiting for a girl, but she never goes to the date. Like every evenings, he's waitng and finally goes to take a drink because she doesn't call him. He's depressed and plains a revenge, but he can't do anything, only listen music and as everyday wait for her, but always she forgot to call him... day by day,... always the same, waiting, another drink.. music...
I feel over 30 years younger listen it.
With other three good songs, specially "Te brillan Los Ojos", this is a cult EP from Spain.

Enjoy it!


Las 7 Menos Cuarto / No Estas De Suerte / Te Brillan Los Ojos / El Artefacto

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Bitrate: 320

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