Sergio Makaroff - 1980 - Tengo Una Idea MP3/Flac

Our man was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 7, 1951. At the age of 10 years discovered simultaneously the pop music, the mode and the girls. He bought then his first album, an EP of Chubby Checker, the king of the twist. In 1962, when the Beatles appeared, Sergio already was an assiduous client of the record shop of his neighborhood. Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, etc., they changed his life forever.
At the age of 17, already immersed in the culture of the rock, he composed his first song: "Peter Pan", then he formed with her brother Eduardo the acoustic duo "Los Hermanos Makaroff".
The first shows of them were like supporters of Sui Generis, the Charly Garca band, of whom Sergio had turned into assistant. Later they recorded, with Charly and the major page of the Argentine rockers, the legendary "El Rock del Ascensor".
In 1978 Sergio decided to emigrate to Spain, where his friends Ariel Rot and Alejo Stivel had formed Tequila and they were triumphing for everything high. In the digest of the mythical group there were "El Rock del Ascensor" and other tweo songss composed by Sergio. Across these Spanish contacts it obtained a contract with Epic and recorded his first solo album, "Tengo Una Idea ". It happened from Madrid to Barcelona at the end of ' 78 and there it continues up to today. His first group of accompaniment was the core of those who then would be Los Rpidos, Los Burros y El ltimo De La Fila. Manolo Garca was his drummer.
Take a look at the guitars in "Explorador Celeste".....Knopfler influences ???... Probably the best song of him.


El Hijo De Sam / Soy Muy Duro / Nena, Dnde Ests? / Enamorado De Ti / Ausente / Muy Bien / Explorador Celeste / Nadie Como T / Ellaa Dijo Hola / Tira Parriba / Ibiza (Bonus track)

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