V.A. - 1996 - Raspberries Preserved (A Tribute) MP3/Flac

Like a faraway sun that lit up the nighttime sky for a brief moment before the flame in its core went out, The Raspberries burst on the U. S. pop music scene out of Cleveland, Ohio, in 1972. Their sound has been praised and copied by the likes of John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Elton John, Courtney Love and many others.
Never a "major" act, they did score seven Hot 100 singles (even a million-seller with "Go All The Way") between 1972-74 and planted four albums in the rock garden of Billboard magazines Top 200 Albums chart.


Rank Strangers - I'm A Rocker / Tiny Lights - Go All The Way / Webstirs - I Reach For The Light / Hushdrops - Overnight Sensation / Hang Ups - I Saw The Light / Bill Lloyd - Goin Nowhere Tonight / Alex Ballard & Sugarfoot - I Wanna Be With You / Off Broadway - Tonight / Brad Jones - Let's Pretend / Gladhands - Play On / Swinger - Last Dance / Scott Mccarl - Nobody Knows / Rock Club - Rose Coloured Glasses / Kevin Hickel - Hands On You / Bunnygrunt - Cry / Rubinoos - Cruisin' Music / Swarays - Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak / Shambles - Might As Well / Flashcubes - Don't Want To Say Goodbye / Ken Sharp - Waiting / Nicoteens - Hey Deanie
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