Boom Boom Room - Here Comes The Man (7'' & 12'' Singles) 1986 MP3/Flac

"BOOM BOOM ROOM" The band started in 1985 and the main members were:



with help from Charlie Morgan, Ian Trimmer and Martin Hooker. They recorded some demo's and released their debut single on Fun After All Records..... This was 'Here Comes The Man' which became a cult classic and was soon spotted by a few majors. It was in 1986 that they signed to Epic. Here Comes The Man was repackaged and re-released on the general public!

"Here Comes The Man" was a #1 Radio Hit in South Africa, and was featured in an television advert for "Storm Deodorant" during the 80's. The song was also popular in Australia.

Three singles and one LP later they were gone!

Download the 7'' radio version of "HERE COMES THE MAN" here:

Here's the 12'' Maxi version of "HERE COMES THE MAN" (many thanks to Glen)