Monster Hits - Volume 1 Hi-Nrg Non-Stop Dance Mix 1984 MP3/Flac

altThis is Monster Hits - Volume.1! A non-stop Hi-Nrg mix released on 2LP set and cassette in South Africa in 1984. I have fond memories of this mix, and must have only been about 10 years old when i first heard it being played while sliding down the "SuperTubes" at Toti beach resort (just outside of Durban). It was 1984, neon clothing, aerobics, high energy music and sliding down "supertubes" at Waterparks was all the rage! Ha ha, i remember being a kid, sliding down this 'huge, scary' water slide and hearing "DANGER!" by The Flirts being played for the first time. Monster Hits was no doubt released by Teal Trutone after the huge success of the x3 HiGH-ENERGY DOUBLE DANCE compilations released by Principal Records in 1984 alone. There was a demand for good quality non-stop mixed dance compilations. They were all the rage as only top club DJ's had the 'skills' to create these mixes. This was standard music in trendy nightclubs / especially Gay scene clubs in 1984 - but to the general public, this was something totally NEW! They would call it "Aerobics music!" or non-stop dance music for the car tape deck or the weekend house party! lol!

Teal Trutone who released Monster Hits had the licence to release Bobby 'O's productions in South Africa via Vanguard Music. Hence Monster Hits featured The Flirts, Ronnie Griffith, and Lime (all licenced via Vanguard). Teal Trutone also owned the Polydor licence, hence tracks from Bronski Beat appeared on both Volumes 1 & 2. Many thanks to Danny Trajkov for providing the MP3's for Volume 1. If anyone has Monster Hits Volume 2, and can provide MP3's please let me know and i can post here :)

Download MONSTER HITS - Volume 1 Non-Stop Hi-NRG mix 1984 here: