Ultimate DJ Jingles - Volume 1 MP3/Flac


Ultimate DJ Jingles - Volume 1
Produced by King's Recording Studios and Entertainment & Media
Executive Producers Andy Tain & Mark Ashley-Homer


01. Countdown
02. Let's Get This Show On The Roa
03. This Is Your Night
04. Mobile Ent. At Its Very Best
05. Ultimate Digital Dance On CD
06. The Ultimate Quality On CD
07. The Very Best In Mobile Music
08. Are You Sitting Comfortably
09. Stereo Sound Digital Dancing
10. The Best Music Around
11. Now Thats What I Call Music
12. Every One A Hit.mp3
13. That Ones Filled The Floor
14. The Sound Sensation
15. Music Without Scratches
16. Yesterday,yesterplay
17. Back In Time, Back In Time....
18. It's The People's Choice
19. This Weeks Floor Fillers
20. The Best Music All Night Long
21. The Best Music Back To Back
22. Favourite Tracks Back To Back
23. Music From The Swinging 60's
24. The Classics Keep On Coming
25. Stand By For An Important
26. Anything Can Happen....
27. Blow Your Socks Off
28. We're In The Groove
29. I Dare You To Say That Again
30. Dj Accepts No Responsability
31. From The New Romantics To
32. Yo! Gimmie Something
33. Back To Back And Kickin Ass
34. Funk, In Hell
35. Yo! Gimmie Some More
36. Your About To Get Funked
37. Make Your Dj Happy
38. And Now Hear This
39. Dance Till You Drop
40. Pump It Up And Let It Go
41. Rub A Dub Dub....
42. Switching To Party Program
43. Are We Gonna Party
44. Raiding The Vaults Of Tamla
45. Hey Man Here Comes The 60-S
46. Golden Age Of Rock N Roll
47. Ready For Some More
48. One From The Back Of The Box
49. Computer Set For Time Travel
50. We Are Now Approaching
51. Probably The Best Disco
52. Ok Baby, Dance Your Ass Off
53. Wrong Side, Wrong Speed
54. If You're Going To Dance Like That
55. Some Pretty Lights
56. This Has Never Happened Before
57. There Goes My Credability
58. What Is All That Shit
59. Even Remember My Name
60. If You Think That Was Bad....
61. Nobody Saw Me Do It ....
62. I Shall Say This Only Once
63. Fun By The Ton
64. Smooth Suarve Sophisticated
65. Hey Dj Was That A CD
66. Brilliant Absolutely
67. What About Playing Something.....
68. I Enjoyed That So Much
69. This Dj Can Keep It
70. Don't Be Shy,show Me What
71. Oh God, That Was So Good
72 Oh Wow, You Were Fantastic
73. I Would Just Like To Say, Wow
74. Oh Man, That Was So Good
75. The Music That Makes People
76. Time We Turned You Around
77. Feel The Lumpy Bits
78. Time To Get It Together
79. Find Yourselves A Friend
80. The Erection Section