Wanda Jackson "The Vintage Collection" MP3/Flac

Rogers says: "Hi Johnny, this is a nice compilation by the queen of rockabilly. 20 tracks in all.....
Here are some facts:
There were plenty of slicked-back boys fighting for their share of the spotlight in the wake of Elvis Presley, but Wanda Jackson was one of the rare rockabilly gals of the '50s. It was Elvis himself who recommended that the Oklahoman set aside her country leanings for the time being and rock a little. That she did, drawing on a voice that cut through the din with a surplus of sass and a session band that included guitarists Joe Maphis and Buck Owens.
This 20-song anthology mixes country and rockabilly sides, but while Jackson is likable tackling honky-tonk, she shines as a rockabilly spitfire. The likes of "Riot in Cell Block #9," "Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad," and "Let's Have a Party" offered an early affirmative to the question: "Can a gal rock?" The real mindblower here, however, is "Fujiyama Mama," which opens with Wanda boasting: "I've been to Nagasaki / Hiroshima, too / The same I did to them, baby, I can do to you." Pretty strange claim, considering only a dozen years had passed since two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan".

01. I Gotta Know
02. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
03. Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad
04. Riot In Cell Block # 9
05. Right Or Wrong
06. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
07. Kickin' Our Hearts Around
08. Rock Your Baby
09. The Window Up Above
10. Fujiyama Mama
11. Let's Have A Party
12. Why I'm Walkin'
13. Cool Love
14. This Should Go On Forever
15. In The Middle Of A Heartache
16. Mean Mean Man
17. Making Believe
18. Kansas City
19. I May Never Get To Heaven
20. Hard Headed Woman
Front- and back-cover are included
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