Cleoma Breaux "C'est Pour Cleoma" MP3/Flac

Anabella says: "Hi Johnny. I've titled this Cleoma Breaux compilation "C'est Pour Cleoma". The one link is for over 3 hours of music...there is no artwork, but I'll attach a picture you can use....
I started this project for myself, thinking it important to try and gather everything recorded by Cleoma Breaux....who might possibly be considered the Cajun equivalent of Maybelle Carter.

Cleoma, along with her husband Joe Falcon, recorded the first Cajun record. She was the first woman inducted into the Cajun Music Hall of Fame. I doubt that many would argue that she is the mother of modern Cajun music.

This project was complicated by two factors. The first being that I'm not sure the 12 or 13 recordings missing from this collection even exist anymore. [Please, if some of you know differently, let me know]. The second complication goes to the very heart of why I think Cleoma is important, in and of herself. Her family band, the one she grew up playing guitar with, was the Breaux Freres. She recorded with her brothers several times after she was married to Joe. and her brothers, in turn, very likely played on some recordings credited to Joe and Cleoma [the musicians playing on these recordings is less known than is often presented].

Thus, it becomes hard to draw the line between the recordings made by the Breaux Freres and those credited to Joe and Cleoma. That is, it's hard to draw the line if one looks at Cleoma as being central to an extended family of musicians. A very important extended family of musicians.
So, this collection is for Cleoma....daughter of the legendary accordion player Auguste Breaux, sister of the fabulous Breaux Freres, and wife of Joe Falcon....along with whom she was not only the the biggest Cajun star of the day, but also the only female Cajun recording artist working at the time.
None of these recordings were made later than 1937. The quality varies greatly as they come from numerous sources, including 78's. As far as i know, this is the largest collection of Joe Falcon/Cleoma Breaux Falcon/Breaux Freres available. I only wish it was 100% complete".

Johnny says: "Hi Anabella, thank you VERY much for your share, this is great (and rare!) stuff. Hopefully there's a volunteer who likes to make some nice covers, and, off course, I sincerely hope that visitors of this blog will send (some of) the recordings of Cleoma Breaux that are missing in this compilation. So friends, if you have any of the missing recordings, please send them to us. Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!"
01. Ouvrez Haute Ma Fenetre
02. La Jolie Fille N'En Veut Plus De Moi
03. C'Est Si triste Sans Lui
04. Poche Town
05. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
06. Apprendz Courage
07. Vieux Airs
08. La Valse Qui Ma Portin de Ma Fose
09. Le Vieux Soulard Et Sa Femme
10. Ma Blonde Est Partie
11. Fe Fe Poncheaux
12. Blues Negres
13. En Route Chez Moi
14. Ma Valse Prefere
15. Ils la Volet Mon Tracas
16. La Marche De La Noce
17. La Valse J'Aime
18. Allons A Lafayette
19. Ma Valse Favorite
20. Mon Vieux d'Autrefois
21. A Cowboy Rider
22. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
23. Le Fille A Nonc Helaire
24. Juste Parcque
25. Frisco
26. Quand Je Suis Partis Pour Le Texas
27. Ossen One Step
28. Pin Solitaire
29. Arcadian One-Step
30. Raise Your Window High
31. Pauvre Garcon
32. L'Amour Indifferent
33. Lulu's Back In Town
34. Elle M'a Oublie
35. La Valse De Madam Sosten
36. La Valse De Crowley
37. Je Suis Parti Sur Le Grande Tres Dissatisfe
38. Catahoula St. Stomp
39. Aimer Et Perde
40. Mes Yeux Bleu
41. Au Revoir Cherie
42. Rayne Special
43. Ne Buvez Plus J'ai Passe Devant Te Porte
44. La Valse De Marie Buller
45. Mon Coeur T'Appelle
46. Le Nouveau Lafayette
47. Le Nuit De Samedi
48. Vas Y Carrement
49. Les Tracas Du Hobo
50. Le One-Step A Martin
51. Valse d'Auguste Breaux
52. Home Sweet Home
53. Egan One-Step
54. La Valse Des Pins
55. La Valse Des Yeux Bleu
56. La Valse d'Utah
57. One-Step A Marie
58. Mazurka De La Louisiane
59. Le Blues Du Petit Chien
60. One-Step A Time
61. La Valse Du Vieux Temps
62. Tiger Rag Blues
63. Fais Do-Do Negre
64. T'as Vole Mon Chapeau
65. La Valse Du Bayou Plaquemine
66. Continuez De Sonner
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