Stanley Brothers "The Complete Columbia Recordings" MP3/Flac

Mredondo says: "Hi Johnny, I'll bet you'll love this one.....Here's some info regarding the Stanley Brothers:
It is interesting to note that, despite the mature and sober themes, the Stanley Brothers were relatively young men at the time of these 22 triumphs. When they signed with Columbia in the fall of 1947, lead vocalist Carter was 23 and tenor vocalist and banjo player Ralph was 21. Though Monroe, Flatt, and Scruggs were spearheading the bluegrass movement with fiery licks, the Stanleys looked to older mountain music for their inspiration. Using traditional Appalachian folk forms, the Stanleys created an original and memorable songbook filled with poignant songs of mother, God, murder, and death. With piercing, mournful harmonies (sung by Ralph and mandolinist Pee Wee Lambert), songs such as "A Vision of Mother," "The White Dove," "The Drunkard's Hell," "The Fields Have Turned Brown," "The Lonesome River," and "A Life of Sorrow" remain potent, genre-defining statements. Even when the tempos are jaunty--as on classics such as "Little Glass of Wine," "Man of Constant Sorrow," and the banjo-fueled "Pretty Polly"--the subjects are deep and dark".
01. Vision Of Mother
02. White Dove
03. Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet
04. Angels Are Singing (In Heaven Tonight)
05. It's Never Too Late To Start Over
06. Have You Someone (In Heaven Waiting)
07. Little Glass of Wine
08. Let Me Be Your Friend
09. We'll Be Sweethearts In Heaven
10. I Love No One But You
11. Too Late to Cry
12. Old Home
13. Drunkard's Hell
14. Fields Have Turned Brown
15. Hey! Hey! Hey!
16. Lonesome River
17. Man Of Constant Sorrow
18. Pretty Polly
19. Life Of Sorrow
20. Sweetest Love
21. Wandering Boy
22. Let's Part The Best Of Friends
Front- and back-cover are included
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