Scorpions - Gold (2006) MP3/Flac

Scorpions - Gold (2006)
Artist: Scorpions
Title Of Album: Gold
Year Of Release: Apr 25, 2006
Label: Hip-O Records
Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal
Format: MP3
Quality: VBR kbps I 44.1 Khz I Joint Stereo
Total Time: 2 h 37 min 32 sec
Total Size: 271 mb

Scorpions: Klaus Meine (vocals); Rudolph Schenker, Uli Jon Roth, Matthias Jabs (guitar); Herman Rarebell (drums).

This 34-track, two-disc set provides a definitive overview of the career of Scorpions, the German heavy metal outfit that began gaining steam in the early 1970s and continued on to worldwide stardom through the '80s, '90s, and well into the 2000s. With their lean, aggressive style, twin-guitar attack, and knack for melodic hooks, Scorpions proved themselves worthy of both commercial success and long-term rock credibility.

The truly impressive thing about this excellently compiled set is how it spans the band's entire output, reaching back to 1972's LONESOME CROW and continuing to 2004's UNBREAKABLE, with attention paid to nearly every record issued in the interim. Naturally the band's mega-hits, "Rock You Like a Hurricane," "Still Loving You," and "Winds of Change" (the latter two show the band's skill with power ballads), are here, but there are plenty of equally strong, lesser-known tracks that represent the band at their best. This release should be required listening for hard rock and heavy metal fans of all stripes.

Scorpions - Gold (2006)

1. It All Depends (3:24)
2. Speedy's Coming (3:33)
3. In Trance (4:43)
4. Pictured Life (3:23)
5. Catch Your Train (3:35)
6. Virgin Killer (3:42)
7. Steamrock Fever (3:37)
8. We'll Burn The Sky (6:27)
9. The Sails Of Charon (4:23)
10. Top Of The Bill (Live) (6:47)
11. Loving You Sunday Morning (5:37)
12. Holiday (6:30)
13. Lovedrive (4:48)
14. The Zoo (5:30)
15. Can't Live Without You (3:46)
16. Dynamite (4:13)
17. Blackout (3:47)

1. No One Like You (3:57)
2. Rock You Like A Hurricane (4:12)
3. Big City Lights (4:08)
4. Still Loving You (6:25)
5. Rhythm Of Love (3:48)
6. Believe In Love (5:23)
7. I Can't Explain (3:22)
8. Tease Me, Please Me (4:43)
9. Don't Believe Her (4:55)
10. Wind Of Change (5:11)
11. Send Me An Angel (4:32)
12. Hit Between The Eyes (4:32)
13. Alien Nation (5:44)
14. Under The Same Sun (4:52)
15. Woman (5:56)
16. Over The Top (4:23)
17. Cause I Love You (3:44)

Scorpions - Gold (2006)

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Scorpions - Gold (2006)