Sultanies - Hegran 1989 [320kbps] MP3/Flac

Bahraini band
Album: Hegran (1989)
Genere: Arabic, Bastaky, Irani

I can't find any more info about it cause this Album is VERY RARE!
And I'm not 100% sure if all of the info that I posted is correct (It's from what I remember):P

Sultanies - Hegran 1989 [320kbps]

Tracks List:
01- Chai chai
02- Ayar Ayar - Ayarom Bedah
03- Mousemg Bahar
04- Enen Ken - A'ay Delom
05- Nar Al-Shouk
06- Um Al-Gada el
07- Ya Lomima
08- Saalo
09- Haleftak Ballah
10- Hegran

Sample: (Direct Download: 3MB)

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