DENNY BELLINE AND THE RICH KIDS - S/T (RCA VICTOR 1966) [Vinyl Rip/Monophonic] MP3/Flac

Denny Belline & The Rich Kids was Rca Victor's answer to the "Young Rascals".
R&B,pop and frat rock mostly covers. Good LP mostly uptempo ravers 'recorded in front of a dancing teen crowd at the Shore Club in Sayville, Long Island'. Denny is Perry Como's nephew known from his earlier band the Dwellers.
The group featuring Denny Belline and Richard Supa. In 1968, The Rich Kids were involved in a notorious drug bust when S.W.A.T. teams descended on The Barge and caught them with 1/4 oz. of pot. Their concert attendence subsequently boomed.
This group evolved into Man (Columbia 9803, 1969) with the inclusion of Richie Cardenis and Tony Machine. Supa and Belline went on to solo careers and Machine became a regular in Buster Poindexter's Banshees of Blue.
Titles includes Mickey's Monkey,Mustang Sally,Good Lovin',Any Day Now,Do You Feel It, Beatles' Rain & Night Before.
Despite the fact that the Beatles were huge, and got covered lots of time, you don’t tend to see a lot of contemporary covers of the psychey stuff, especially not ‘Rain’. Belline and the band slow the tune down a tad, add a harpsichord, and while they were clearly no threat to the Beatles (or the Young Rascals), it’s a nice version of the song.
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