Todd Terry - Ready For A New day MP3/Flac

Todd Terry - Ready For A New Day

Ready for a New Day features dramatically charged vocal performances by the likes of Martha Wash, Jocelyn Brown, Shannon, and Bernard Fowler. The title track, graced by Wash's ecstatic singing, is pure house joy. Antoinette Roberson's fine backup vocals and Johan Brunkvist's jazzy organ fills flesh out the soulful tune. But be sure to check out the instrumentals. I'm Feelin' It transforms vocal samples and a synth melody fragment into relentless riffs that ride a down-and-dirty drum track. On Come on Baby computer-game atonality bumps up against a Kraftwerkian rhythm,while The Rave is a nice slice of pulsing, whooshing minimalist techno. Terry deftly alternates songs and groove tracks to create a cool flow of mood, style, and sound.

01 Preacher
02 Something Goin' on (In Your Soul)
03 I'm Feelin' It
04 Ready for New Day
05 It's over Love
06 Satisfaction Guaranteed
07 Sax Trac
08 Come on Baby
09 Free Yourself
10 You Treated Me Mean
11 Live Without You
12 Keep on Jumpin'
13 Rave

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