VA - Fillies Of Soul MP3/Flac

This album and the next two appeared on the "want list" of ,another awesome blog. Hop over there for awhile, great stuff!!

1.Everyday Worries - Irene Scott
2.Ain't That Love - Dorothy Berry
3.It's Rainin' Outside - Pat Lundy
4.Chains of Love - Candy & the Kisses
5.Something Keeps Telling Me - Norma Rudd
6.What Have I Got to Cry About - Ramona King
7.Love You Eternally - The Sweet Things
8.Watch What You Plant in Your Garden - Linda Carr
9.What's This I See - June Conquest
10.Young Boy - Barbara Greene
11.A Lover's Stand - The Fashions
12.Sookie, Sookie - Tina Britt
13.Hey Everybody - Ramona King
14.The World Goes On Without Me - Nancy Wayburn
15.I'm in Love Again For the First Time - The Gambrells
16.Almost Persuaded - June Conquest
17.He's About a Mover - Dottie Cambridge
18.I Feel Love Comin' On - Linda Carr
19.The Big Hurt - Susann Farrar
20.Yes I Really Love You - Sandy Wynns
21.I Feel a Song (In My Heart Again) - Linda Carr
22.Don't Make it Hurt - Byrdie Green
23.The Girl from 1A and the Boy from 1B - Linda Carr
24.Someone Out There - Candy & the Kisses
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