Thomas Leer and Robert Rental - The Bridge MP3/Flac


Electronic industrial music pioneer, Robert Rental died in 2000 from lung cancer. His musical accomplishments were few but well-regarded as important releases from the era.

“The Bridge’ is his only full-length record. It was recorded with Thomas Leer for Throbing Gristle’s Industrial Records label in 1979. At the time, Leer and Rental were influenced by some of the sounds coming from Germany as well as Brian Eno’s Ambient and Discreet music exploration.

With ‘The Bridge,’ they wanted to use that momentum, but to strip away much of the prettiness, adding some dissonance and noise. Following the album’s release, Rental only recorded a couple more singles including ‘Double Heart’ for Mute as well as a one sided live album recorded with Daniel Miller.


This is quality stuff and should appeal to those who dig the darker end of the ambient spectrum and those of us with a penchant for analogue noises. It has a lovely, understated feel, but is also quietly unsettling.

P.S. That bridge on the cover is Albert Bridge in London which connects Chelsea to Battersea, across the Thames. I lived very close to there for most of the early Nineties.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.