THE BLASTERS - Sounds of The Drags MP3/Flac


1. Hot Rod Center
2. Black Pick Up Truck
3. Don't Count On The Looks
4. Long Gone
5. Steering Wheel Stuck
6. Little Willys Dragster
7. Big Green Vette
8. Bad Rubber
9. Oil Burner
10. Chopped And Channeled

Founded in 1957 by the Bahari Brothers, the Crown Records label was reknowned for issuing cheap, budget cash-in offerings, and had a fairly sizable catalogue to its name by the time it dipped its toes under the tread for a series of hot-rod tie-ins during 1964.
The Blasters album was the third such release to come out of the stable (following on from albums by The Hot-Rodders and Jerry Kole & The Strokers), and was by far and away the best that the label had to offer from the genre, and whilst very similar in structure to its predecessors it differed immensely from the first of those albums due to the strong performances and polished production.
As with all of the labels releases, there were no writing, performing or studio credits anywhere to be found on the package, although it is known that ace session guitarist (and future Rockabilly Hall Of Fame inductee) Jerry Cole (Kole) made significant performing and production contributions to these Crown releases, although specific roles have yet to be ascertained as to who played what on which release ... but one thing IS certain, whoever is/was playing the guitar on the awesome "Steering Wheel Stuck" really knew how to play that thing ! It's Clapton, Hendrix, Page all rolled into one ... five years ahead of it's time ... and the throbbing bass riff that runs throughout, well to the fore, compounds the astonishment that this was still 1964!
Elsewhere, the opening vocal number "Hot-Rod Center", the hook-laden "Don't Count On The Looks" and the drivin' "Little Willy's Dragster" all justift their standing in the draggin' vocal stakes ... but once again it's that wild, wild gee-tar that makes you sit up and take note. Awesome stuff ...

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