VA-World Of Vocal House MP3/Flac


VA-World Of Vocal House

Genre.........: House

01.Michelle Wilson - Key Of Life
02.Lenny Fontana Pres Octavia - The Way
03.Gisele Jackson - Love Commandments
04.Enamor - I BELIEVE, (Axwell & Redtop Club)
05.Richelle - EVIL WAYS, (Louis Bendetti Remix)
06.Debra Cole - Love Me Good
07.Davidson Ospina Ft. Andricka Hall - Hotter
08.Jeremias Santiago Ft Wanda Felicia - Dreams Come True
09.Michelle Wilson - It S My Time
10.Sound Factor Ft. Marysol - LET IT GO

01.Robbie Rivera And Axwell Ft Suzan Brittain - Burning
02.Gisele Wilson - Fooling With My Love, (B.O.P.)
03.Michelle Wilson - I Get Lifted, (K.O.T.)
04.Enaj - WORSHIP ME, (Stonebridge Remix)
05.Sarah Parker - Something For The DJ
06.Michele Wilson - LOVE CONNECTION, (Axwell Remix)
07.Nuyorson Ft Kiki - THANK YOU, (Jerry Santiago FTL Remix)
08.Maya - IN THE NAME OF LOVE, (Piraz Dommu Mix)
09.Raw Del Ft Toni Ann Bardell - He Gives More
10.Breath Of Soul - You Don T Tell Me Anymore