The Men They Couldn't Hang - Night Of A Thousand Candles MP3/Flac

The Men They Couldn't Hang's fantastic cover version of Eric Bogle's 'Green Fields Of France' was a record that made a big impact on the Barrow Scene in the mid Eighties. I remember us singing it at the end of many a drunken night in The White Lion.

This, their first album, "Night Of A Thousand Candles", was released in 1985. It includes not only "Green Fields Of France", but also the singles "Ironmasters" and "Greenback Dollar".

The band were a hybrid of country and folk with a load of punk attitude. Bassist Shanne Bradley had previously played with Shane McGowan in The Nipple Erectors.

Again, you'll have to forgive a bit of authentic crackle...

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.
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