The All Seeing I - 1st Man In Space MP3/Flac


I think I've posted CD1 of this before, but I've never posted the second disc, which features two new tracks and more importantly, a "long version" of the lead track, "1st Man In Space".

"1st Man In Space" has a lyric written by Jarvis Cocker and is sung by Human League vocalist, Phil Oakey in his best performance since the bands heyday. The long version has a spoken introduction by Oakey and is *very* reminiscent of those early League tracks which were compiled on the "Sounds Of The Future" CD a few years ago.

The lyric is a bone dry rumination on what it actually might be like to be a spaceman, filtered through a lens of very Northern humdrum concerns and quite literally, alienation.

It's quite, quite brilliant and if you haven't heard it before you're in for a huge treat. The assorted B sides are crunchy, groovy electronic tracks with a hard, no nonsense edge. The title track is taken from the All Seeing I album, "Pickled Eggs & Sherbet", which was kind of a Sheffield concept album featuring a load of guest talent united by the fact that they all originated from that famous town. I worked in Sheffield for a few months a few years ago and it's a strange place. Full of characters and gorgeous girls who all talk with an accent so broad that you'd have to swim across it to get to the other side.

Excellent stuff. Let me know if you want the album.

320 Kbps.

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