Everybody Dance (Clap Your Hands) MP3/Flac

Sometimes, I lose myself diggin' some Obscure 70's Polish Disco (Coming soon) but after all, I always come back to the basics. And in Disco, they are called CHIC. I want to (z)share with you a title, often forgotten, but absolutely efficient on the dance floor. The perfect combination of the guitar and the bass, The Duo Rogers/Edwards at his best, Everybody Dance! They Recorded the track in 1977, for Atlantic Records.

In 1979, The players Association covered the title with a brilliant interpretation, much more brass instrument, only instrumental. It was not the first time they covered a hit, like they did for the Love Hangover of Diana Ross.

So now, your turn. Chic or Players Association? Enjoy!

altChic - Everybody Dance [Extended]
Players Association - Everybody dance (Instrumental)