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Leroy Hutson is a soul music legend, he
Replaced Curtis Mayfield as lead singer for The Impressions in 1970 when Curtis Mayfield wanted to concentrate even more on his Curtom label and solo career.

Leroy Hutson was a room-mate to Donny Hathaway and co-wrote Hathaway's own 1970 hit 'The Ghetto'.

The first Impressions single featuring Hutson was 'Love Me' released on Curtom in 1971 and raised eyebrows as it was so different in sound from the previous material with Mayfield. However, the group appeared in U.K. in 1972 and stunned the audiance by is amazing ability to duplicate live the lengendery vocal sound of his predessor on their 60's hits.

Leaved The Impressons in 1973 for a solo career still with the Curtom label.
Leroy Hutson proved to be an extremely talented and creative musician, not only as a fine near-falseto vocalist but also as a keyboard wizard and gifted writer and producer. His contract with Custom records ended in December 1979.

Here we have the Curtdom Albums..a fine body of work

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