GLORIA GAYNOR / Stories (1980) MP3/Flac

In 1980 the backlash against disco had reached fever-pitch. The artists who built the genre were forced by their record companies to move away from disco. Gloria Gaynor was unabashedly a disco artist and was responisble for one of the biggest-selling, best known songs in the disco canon, "I Will Survive". However, in 1980, Gaynor was just one of many disco artists struggling to remain commercially viable. Stories was written and produced almost entirely by Dino Ferakis and Freddie Perren -- the architects of "I Will Survive" -- but unfortunately it was not as strong as their prior collaborations. Their grand, sweeping disco sound was toned down in favor of disco with a pedestrian soul flavor. It was still disco, but done without any of the panache or passion typical of Gaynor's best work. Stories is a mostly bland affair with a few pleasant spots that, not surprisingly, failed to yield a significant hit. "Make Me Yours", "All My Life" and "Lock Me Up" are the standouts but none are as lush as what one would expect from Gaynor.

Side 1
Ain't No Bigger Fool
I Let Love Slip Right Through My Hands
On A Diet Of You
Lock Me Up

Side 2
All My Life
Don't Read Me Wrong
The Luckiest Girl In The World
Make Me Yours