LINDA EVANS / You Control Me (1979) MP3/Flac

You Control Me is the debut album from Linda Evans, a popular session singer in the 70s. The musical accompaniment was provided, in part, by 4/5 of Toto, a rock group composed of seasoned session musicians who played on several of the biggest soft rock albums of the 70s. You Control Me benefits from their solid backing. The title track is by-the-numbers disco with male duet vocals. Oddly, the male vocalist is not identified on the album sleeve; perhaps as punishment for the way he threatens to outsing Evans with his commanding tenor. Though Evans doesn't have an expansive range, her voice is as sweet as honey and she uses it to great effect on You Control Me. "Don't You Need" is a throbbing, hands-in-the-air disco stunner that sounds like it would have gone over well at Studio 54. "The Last Goodbye" is also very danceable but funkier and jazzier; definitely more Paradise Garage than Studio 54. My favorites are the breezy soul cuts "You Got Me Dreaming" and "I've Been Searching". Unfortunately, You Control Me was not a hit, and after just one more album Evans returned to session singing anonymity.

Side One
You Control Me
You Got Me Dreaming
The Last Goodbye

Side Two
Don't You Need
I've Been Searching
I Can't Change It