JACQUI BROOKES / Sob Stories (1984) MP3/Flac

When I was in the midst of my 1980s British synth-pop phase, I spied a video featuring a tall, stylish British chick emoting with flailing arms while wandering about an empty football stadium looking desperate and alienated. It was nearly perfect as is and then the music just put the whole thing way over the top. "Lost Without Your Love" is all swirling synths, muted fuzz guitars and bouncy drum machines in the best possible 80s British synth-pop way. I was instantly smitten but it took me a little bit to get my hands on a copy of Sob Stories. None of the other tracks made the same seismic impression as "Lost Without Your Love" but it is a very solid effort, with a killer album cover. The title is quite literal, both in mood and music, as Sob Stories is a moody, elegant collection of sad songs. In truth, it was a bit too elegant for my tastes. Notwithstanding my aspirations for an existence of posh refinement, my heart lies at the loud, sassy, funky, dramatic end of the musical spectrum. As such, Sob Stories was too wintry and somber to stay on my turntable for long but I always appreciated the crisp, downbeat production work of Laurie Latham. My other favorites on Sob Stories are " The One That Got Away", "Haunted Cocktails" and "Trains and Boats and Planes."

Side One
Lost Without Your Love
The One That Got Away
The Cold Light Of Day
Another Place For A Dreamer
Trains and Boats and Planes

Side Two
Haunted Cocktails
Just Another
I'm Not Ashamed
Thin Air