MORGANA KING / Gemini Changes (1967) MP3/Flac

Don Costa produced and arranged for many female singers in the 60s. His arrangments can be grand and dramatic, or zippy and modern depending on who he was working with. On Gemini Changes, with Morgana King, we get both, which is interesting considering the 'gemini' reference. "The Look Of Love" is quintessential 60s lounge with squealing horns and brazilian percussion. Likewise, "Sunny" is an uptempo waltz. On the other end of the spectrum, "This Is My Song" and "What's Wrong With Me?" featuring swelling strings and grand orchestral flourishes. King became more mannered as she matured, so Gemini Changes features more straightforward vocalizing. King's voice is melodic and she uses it like a musical instrument -- she is more focused on creating sounds than telling stories. In the way she ensures her voice sways with the rhythm of each song she is more jazz than cabaret. The standouts are her sensitive reading of "Walk On By" and the big band "On The South Side Of Chicago".

Side One
I Have Loved Me A Man
This Is My Song
The Look Of Love
A Time For Love
Watch What Happens

Side Two
Walk On By
What's Wrong With Me
Once I Loved
Softly Say Goodbye
I'd Stay With You
On The South Side Of Chicago