LYN ROMAN / The Many Faces Of Lyn Roman (1966) MP3/Flac

Produced by Clyde Otis, The Many Faces of Lyn Roman was the first full-length album by Lyn Roman (formerly Linda Griner). This set attempts to transform the ace Motown belter into a lounge singer. There are many surprising song selections here; a whole program of standards done in unexpected ways. Some good, some not. Roman is a talented vocalist who lacks the depth of interpretation to make an impression with most of these songs. Harold Arlen's "When The Sun Comes Out", a torchy belter's dream of a song, is slowed down to a dirge with a Lawrence Welk-ish arrangement and swooning background vocals. Not among the best versions of a terrific song. Likewise, Roman's preening, uptown version of "Candy" would not want to meet up with Big Maybelle's definitive version in a dark alley. In other spots Otis and Roman get it just right, "Imagination" is beautifully rendered, and the galloping pace of "The End Of A Love Affair" (usually a slow ballad like Billie Holiday's) allows Roman to display her youthful charm. Similarly, "You've Come A Long Way From St. Louis" shows that Roman has a flair for uptempo material. Overall, The Many Faces of Lyn Roman showcases a talented performer who is better suited for contemporary material.

Side One
Moon River
I Thought About You
While We're Young
The End of A Love Affair
You Came A Long Way From St. Louis

Side Two
Out Of This World
On Green Dolphin Street
When The Sun Comes Out
A Certain Smile
Fly Me To The Moon