The Rockin ' Bandits MP3/Flac

alt01. Jump Back Boogie(Cook)
02. Gonna Rock Wiyh Ya Baby(Cook)
03. Ain't Gonna Be Youre Crazy Cat(Cook)
04. Long Black Train(Twitty)
05. Pretty Little Baby(Cook)
06. I'm In Love With You Baby(Cook)
07. Cruisin' Blues(Cook)
08. Oakie Boogie(Guthrie)
09. Angel Girl(Cook-Feighrey)
10. Lonely Country Boy(Cook)
11. Two Lane Black Top(Cook-Garrett)
12. My little Baby(Cook)
13. Folsom Prison Blues(Cash)
14. Rock-A-Baby Rock(Cook)
15. Midnight Shift(Lee-Amsworth)
16. Rock 'n' Roll Mama(Cook)
17. I Don't Care(Leavis)
18. Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby(Perkins)

Front- and back-cover are included