Andy Anderson - Tough Tough Tough MP3/Flac

Andy Anderson - Tough Tough Tough

01. Johnny Valentine.mp33.22 MB
02. I Got Me A Woman.mp32.56 MB
03. Rock n Roll Medley.mp32.25 MB
04. I Love You.mp32.61 MB
05. johnny Valentine (Fast).mp32.05 MB
06. Tough Tough Tough.mp32.43 MB
07. Johnny Valentine (Slow).mp32.63 MB
08. I-I-I Love You.mp31.79 MB
09. Johnny Valentine.mp31.88 MB
10. You Shake Me Up.mp32.16 MB
11. The Way She Smiled.mp31.95 MB
12. Please Forgive Me.mp32.26 MB
13. They Call It The Blues.mp32.47 MB
14. Promise Me.mp33.14 MB
15. How Long, How True, Till Then.mp32.62 MB
16. Chop Suey.mp32.21 MB
17. Deep In The Heart Of Texas Rock.mp31.84 MB
18. Tough Tough Tough.mp32.04 MB
19. Gimmie Lock A Yo Hair.mp32.38 MB
20. Im Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry Over You.mp32.67 MB
21. Promise Me.mp32.29 MB
22. Without Your Love.mp32.95 MB
23. Mustang Kid.mp32.30 MB
24. Stuck On You.mp32.60 MB
25. My Baby.mp32.57 MB
26. All By Myself.mp31.69 MB
27. Tall Oak Tree.mp32.31 MB
28. I Missed A Lot In You.mp32.10 MB
29. Say Goodbye To Donna.mp32.16 MB
30. We Were Happy.mp31.68 MB
31. So Long Im Gone.mp32.20 MB
32. Sad Notes.mp32.05 MB
Andy Anderson Back.jpg267.87 kB
Andy Anderson cover.jpg292.79 kB
Andy Anderson front.jpg161.74 kB
Booklet 01 & 02.jpg393.22 kB
Booklet 03 & 04.jpg482.90 kB
Booklet 05 & 06.jpg393.22 kB
Booklet 07 & 08.jpg403.52 kB
Booklet 09 & 10.jpg334.79 kB
Inlay.jpg213.41 kB
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