Melanie - Leftover Wine (1970) MP3/Flac

Melanie - Leftover Wine  (1970)
Melanie - Leftover Wine - 1970

Leftover Wine is a live album released by Melanie in 1970. The album was recorded at Carnegie Hall (except for the closing track, 'Peace Will Come' which was a studio recording that was released as a single).
The album is also known as 'Live At Carnegie Hall'.

Released: 1970
Genre : Pop, Live album
Label : Buddah Records
Producer: Peter Schekeryk


1. Close To It All
2. Uptown Down
3. Momma Momma
4. The Saddest Thing
5. Beautiful People
6. Animal Crackers
7. I Don't Eat Animals
8. Happy Birthday
9. Tuning My Guitar
10. Psychotherapy
11. Leftover Wine
12. Peace Will Come (According To Plan)

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