Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart[Remixes 2001]+ MP3/Flac

Den Harrow - "Don't Break My Heart"[Remixes 2001]
year: 2001/1994*
format: CD single
label: Dance Street records/(Germany)
by way of One Way records/(Italy)

01 Don't Break My Heart(soft radio mix)(2.56)
02 Don't Break My Heart(hard radio mix)(2.54)
03 Don't Break My Heart(original remix)(4.25)
04 Don't Break My Heart(super system mix)(4.49)
05 Don't Break My Heart(long radio mix)(4.44)
06 The Universe Of Love(3.29)
+ rare bonus track:
07 You And The Sunshine*(extended version)(5.03)

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