Lian Ross Projects MP3/Flac

Lian Ross Projects

Disc 1
01-Lian Ross - Say You'll Never
02-Gina T. - Tokyo By Night
03-New Baccara - Fantasy Boy (extended version)
04-Patty Ryan - You're My Love My Life
05-Gina T. - Hey Angel
06-Roxanne - Charlene
07-New Baccara - Call Me Up (special DJ mix)
08-Lian Ross - You're My Heart, You'remy Soul
09-Bazykina Twins - Moskow Nights
10-La La - Johnny (mix)
11-Lena - Run To Me
12-Veronique - Jungleman
13-Sandy Wilson - Give Me Your Love Tonight (extended dance
14-Patty Ryan - Love Is The Name
15-Rose - Magic Carillon

Disc 2
01-Roxanne - Boys In Black Cars
02-New Baccara - Touch Me
03-Gina T. - Sayonara
04-C.C. Catch - Nothing But A Heartache (remix)
05-Sheree - Ronnie Talk To Russia
06-Lian Ross - Fantasy
07-Creative Connection - Scratch My Name
08-Sophie - My World
09-Danuta - Touch My Heart
10-Amazone - Gino Gino
11-Jessica - C'est La Vie Mon Cherie
12-Venus - Hot Sun On Video
13-Ankie Bagger - Don't You Know, Don't You Know
14-Lucia - Marinero (vocal remix)